Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Sandraiders a race / competition?

No, Sandraiders is a motorcycle adventure trip inspired by the legendary Dakar Rally of the 80s. It is an organized trip for lovers of classic motorcycles and African landscapes where different places of Morocco are traveled, driving and discovering various terrains such as tracks, beaches, desert and mountains.

Is it necessary to have a lot of driving experience?

Sandraiders is the ideal trip for more experienced pilots such as amateus pilots to live and enjoy the sensations of a true adventure rally. To participate it is necessary to have basic experience but at each stage the pilots have a simpler alternative route. Even so, throughout the tour we are always accompanied by a team of experienced guides who help with any difficulties that may exist.

How many kilometers have the stages?

Each stage is about 200-250 km approximately but since it is not a competition the driving pace is free for everyone.

Is transportation of the motorcycle to Morocco and the return included?

Yes, it is one of the benefits included in the registration. One of our most important points is the comfort of the participants, so the Sandraiders organization is responsible for the collection, transport and return of motorcycles in different parts of Europe such as Lyon, Marseille, London, Paris, Toulouse, Savona, Lisbon , Barcelona, Madrid ...

How do I have to bring the protections and personal motorcycle equipment?

At the time of registration, for new participants it is mandatory to purchase the luggage box (€ 80). This box will be used to put all the protections, boots, helmet, etc., and we will pick it up and transport it next to the motorcycle. This box will be owned by each participant, so it can be decorated and customized as you wish!

What kind of protections do I have to bring?

The basic protections to be able to participate safely are the breastplate, knee and elbow pads, appropriate helmet and motorcycle boots and gloves.

Is it mandatory to bring a GPS?

Yes, GPS is mandatory for each participant. A few weeks before starting the adventure we will send all the participants the routes of each stage to be installed on the device.

What tires are the most recommended for the motorcycle?

We recommend "desert" type tires. On the other hand, it is mandatory to put mousse on the front wheel to avoid punctures during the stages.

I don't have any motorcycle but I want to participate... Is there a possibility to rent the motorcycle?

Of course! We want anyone passionate about adventure and motorcycles to participate, so we have motorcycles available to those who need them. Contact us and ask about motorcycle rental!