Sandraiders. Live your own 100% dakarian adventure


Live an adventure inspired by the raids of the 80s

  • Experience an adventure like the rally raids of the 80'
  • Desert, dunes, sand, bikes, fun, adrenalin and passion...
  • Discover a different kind of trip. Unique, unforgettable sensations
  • A thousand kilometres of tracks, deserts and dunes


  • “Between the moments recorded in my memory: the forests of cedars and his perfume, the dunes of Merzouga and Chegaga, real playgrounds out of track, the meetings ‘ free ride ‘ in a deserted hotel in the middle of the sand or in the sets of Ouarzazate’s cinema, the day marathon of almost 400 km with a giant barbecue on having finished it in a field installed to the shore of a palm grove, the evenings well to re-do the world, the repairs on motorcycles of 30 indestructible years of age that will remove us up to the end. Definitively, strong and unforgettable moments, which do of this one original adventure a success without end. With desire of the edition of 2018!”

    Stephan Revol