Book your place for the 1st edition of the Sandraiders Tunisia!

The €400 you pay now to reserve your place will be deducted from the €2,500 registration fee.

The metal box is mandatory to be able to participate in the Sandraiders. If it is the first time you participate in the Sandraiders, you need to select the metal box option and make the payment, we will send the metal box to your home!

Choose where you want us to pick up your motorbike, depending on the pick up point you have to pay extra for the transport. The locations, which are 0€, do not have to pay extra. If you choose home collection, we will send you a personal price quote.

For navigation during the Sandraiders it is mandatory to use a GPS or a TRIPPY, in addition you can navigate with a paper Roadbook.

If you want to sleep in single rooms you will have to pay an extra €375, if you do not want to sleep in single rooms you will share a room with another rider.

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