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As you know, we are all going through a very difficult time.
We have always tried to make Sandraiders something more than a trip, but above all we try to give maximum security in all aspects, both in health, as in the transport of motorcycles or recognition of the route.

Due to the pandemic, at this time it is impossible to maintain these guarantees, as well as in the logistics issue we cannot guarantee the collection to any country from here in a month. Morocco keeps the borders closed to non-residents until September 10, therefore we cannot review all the stages, which although they are already prepared, 6 months will have passed since the last time we were there, and the weather has not stopped.

Nor is it clear that there will not be another outbreak in September in any of the countries of the participants, and therefore they cannot come or we, the organization, could be confined. And finally, we cannot guarantee a return home without quarantine or confinement if there are a large number of Covid cases in Morocco.

Due to all these aspects, the best solution is to cancel the 2020 edition and wait for the 2021 edition, since for a trip where the objective is to have fun, it is not worth taking so many risks. Therefore, if all goes well, the new dates for the 2021 edition will be May 15-23.

I hope to be with you very soon, at this time the most necessary thing is human contact.