Experience an adventure like the rally Dakariane of the eighties,
those first trials with Thierry Sabine, Hubert Auriol, Gaston Rahier and René Metge.

More than 1400 km of tracks, deserts and dunes with the best medical and mechanical team and security. A route through Morocco, unlike anything you’ve known before.

Sandraiders is adventure, adrenalin, passion, freedom…. Join us!


Pep Segura, founder and general manager of Soloraids, has taken part during more than 20 years in numerous raids, as the mythical Dakar, the championship of Spain and other many rallyes in Africa. Places in which it has experienced the emotion in pure condition and in which it has known the only way of living through the adventure. Sensations and knowledge that today it wants to share with you.

SandRaiders is born with the intention of living through a new experience thought for the lovers of the motorcycle who feel this special emotion on both wheels.


Sign up! Although it is not a competition, there will be orienteering events with obligatory checkpoints along the route. You’ll have the privilege of riding with the legendary Jordi Arcarons, who took part 16 times in the African Dakar and came second four times. Arcarons and our team of guides will share all their knowledge with you to help you face this adventure.

Discover a different kind of trip riding a bike from the 1980s. Unique, unforgettable sensations.

Desert, dunes, sand, bikes, fun, adrenalin and passion… in short, an adventure to remember.


Our principal reason is always the safety of the participants at all time, so we have a specialized equipment of doctors, mechanics and security in order that the tour should be always comfortable and sure, formed by specialized and medical guides of great quality.

In every stage we provide SPOT and GPS machines to every participant for what there is a rigorous vigilance and assistance during every stage.

A specialized company takes care of the follow-up of the SPOT machines in order that there is no problem, as well as guides equipped with satellite telephones.

The inscription in the SandRaiders includes an insurance of repatriation, this one complements to any coverage of medical insurance and in case of accident it facilitates the steps and covers the evacuation for emergency in helicopter.


SandRaiders is responsible for the collection and delivery of the motorcycles at key points in Europe.

SandRaiders is an adventure designed for amateur bikers who have always wanted to take part in a rally raid but are not sure how to do so. For these riders we have the perfect team of guides who’ll teach you everything you need to live this adventure. Accompanied by a logistics team that includes mechanics and medics.

The organization will provide each rider a little space in the assistance truck to carry their luggage. Once you have done the first payment we will send a trunk in order that you fill it with the indispensable things and deliver it together with the motorcycle.

For the Marathon stage the organization will transport the minimum to set up the camp in a single truck (spare parts, tents, food for the night and stores for customers).

You must take the minimum necessary to spend the night in the Vivac (Marathon stage).

The organization will prepare a closed park in each hotel at the end of each stage to leave the bikes and review them with the help of mechanical equipment, and a tent with rest areas, music and refreshments where you can relive the stage and discuss it with your adventure colleagues. 


A production of this importance needs a group of persons with experience and professionalism. SandRaiders has surrounded himself with the ideal equipment to have the logistic, mechanical support and safety that needs this Adventure.

Mechanichal Team
Sandraiders has an equipment formed by two big mechanics specialized in classic motorcycles and with a great experience in campaign.

The motorcycles must be in perfect conditions and be examinated before initiating the route. The price of the necessary refills to repair the motorcycles in destination will have to be paid at the moment.

Medical Team
The medical equipment is responsible of acting quickly and in agreement with the most beneficial thing for the health of the participant before any accident.

We have a medical orthopaedic surgeon and orthopedic surgeon expert in ultrasound scan thigh skeletal, and a psychologist-neuropsychologist expert in injuries for traumatism.